Established in 1974, RealWorld Surveying and Geomatics Corp. provides consultancy to the geospatial industry and associated professions(Land Surveying and Mapping). From its inception, RealWorld role in clients’ Geospatial area has been expanding and has included projects and contract work for government agencies and leading engineering consultant businesses. And the company has built up a team of highly skilled Surveyors, technical support staff, Geomatics specialist and CAD employees expanding into a diverse range of geospatial services.

Currently employing approximately 90 people, RealWorld has the skills and expertise to undertake a broad range of services from the management of large public infrastructure sites to whole country area and have contributed to many of Taiwan’s well known and prominent landmarks.

Today, RealWorld not only provides geospatial survey and consulting services, but has now become a significant resource for specialized spatial data producer for the Taiwan area.


Aerial Survey

  • Aerial Photogrammetry for Topographic Map
  • Oblique Photogrammetry for Cyber City 3D Modeling

Ground Survey

  • GNSS Survey
  • Route Survey
  • Cross Sectional Survey
  • Cadastral Survey
  • RailTrack Control Survey

Hydrographic Survey

  • Underwater Survey
  • Underwater Detection

Geographic Information System

  • Real Estate Information System
  • Urban Planning Information / Decision Support System
  • Public Pipeline Management System
  • Land Information Management System
  • 2D/3D GIS Application System


  • Airborne LiDAR for DEM/DSM
  • Ground LiDAR Scanning
  • Mobile LiDAR Scanning And Street View


  • HD-Map Mapping

3D Modeling

  • Oblique Photogrammetry for Cyber City 3D Modeling



Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Employee Benefits

  • Average adjusted salary 4%

  • domestic and foreign tourism and dinner parties
  • Inter-departmental seminars

  • Protect the working rights of minorities

Innovation development

  • Seminars and journals regularly publish at least 2 articles per year

  • Domestic University Industry-University Cooperation

  • Industry-Academic Award from Ministry of Science and Technology

  • Take the lead in providing UAV LiDAR scanning service


  • Sponsor more than 10 academic seminars each year

  • Provide faculty collaborative teaching and internship opportunities for college students

  • Excellent intern vendor award

  • Service in surveying and mapping related associations and societies for more than 10 years

  • Assisted in the surveying technical competition as a judge for more than 10 years